A Mishandled Tragedy

The Kansas City Chiefs endured a trauma unlike any other this past weekend. A player committed suicide in front of his respective coach and GM, after shooting his girlfriend NINE times. This left a 3-month infant parentless. There were no obvious warning signs of Jovan Belcher wanting to murder his girlfriend and wanting to leave his daughter behind. There is a warning sign, however, that we may not know our athletes as well as it seems. 

People didn’t know how to cover it. While a person took his own life is sad in its own right, him shooting his girlfriend and leaving his daughter with no direction, no answers is unequivocally a coward move. This forced the media into a tough situation on how to cover it and some did wrongly, including CBS whose NFL pregame show didn’t mention until 40 minutes in. What a disgrace. 

Then, some other journalists took it to another platform. Gun control. Totally. Because if Belcher didn’t have gun there’s no way he wouldn’t have found another way to manipulate this situation. You can talk about gun control, yes, but to push it in our faces and say if not for that, this wouldn’t have gone down, is just utterly inane.

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