Ideal Bookshelf

For some people when you think of everything you learned and knowledge you’ve inquired, you can recall of all the books that you have read and scanned through. Some more than others,  but as I begin to read this article, I begin to ponder on which books were the most important to me and which ones carved out my ideals on how I think today.

To this day I remember the first book I thoroughly enjoyed and cherished reading and that was Harper Lee’s classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It really made everything clear in life and that something could have a legitimate purpose. It showed how important family was and provoked me to learn more about the cultural of America and its history. Lee’s classic novel will forever be embedded in my memory.

Another book that had to be on my list is Walter Cronkite’s biography. He is everything that I strive to be in a reporter and is who I try to emulate. He knows the right times of when to objective and subjective and he was everything that news today is not. I’ve read his book numerous times and it is a must for everyone that wants to be a reporter. Those are the two books I would include in my ideal bookshelf with many more to come along the way.

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