Rewriting the book on Lebron James

I love Bill Simmons. I’ll read everything he writes. But this isn’t about Simmons but rather what he points out in this intriguing article. A lot of the stuff makes you think in your head offering some juicy reassurance that Lebron is a freak and one of the 20 greatest basketball players ever to live.

Lebron has been through rollercoaster after rollercoaster each season. His image has changed over time, from good in Cleveland to complete disdain in his first year in Miami to “he’s becoming closer to Jordan” after his second year in Miami. This is what we’ve expected since he was a young gazelle-like freak in Cleveland. Everytime he’s in your town people will take notice.

But, people are still questioning if he’s the top 5 basketball players of all time and if he ever will be. Lebron is a changed man and no longer do you see “I’m better than you, you others are worthless,” James. He leads, he defers, he is understanding. Since the 2011 Finals loss to the Mavs, Lebron has taken on a new, fresh mature role and he’s trying to rewrite his own chapter, so that he can be remembered for the good and not by the bleak moments he has had.

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