Statistical revolution

I’m have been always on board with sabermetrics from day one. I berate people who think average, RBI is more of a demonstrable skill than OBP, OPS and more advance statistics proclaim such as the ones on fangraphs.

I’ve read a lot of books on this and in today’s baseball world especially for the small-market teams being economically prudent is vital to have success. Yeah, some stats like the ones defensively (UZR), are hard to understand and need at least 3 years to stabilize. But now more than ever you can evaluate players in multiple ways. And the movement is certainly building up.

I read Moneyball when it first came out because I just read anything Michael Lewis put out there. I hated when the movie came out, because too many people used the term “Moneyball.” But, I’m a statistical nerd when it comes to baseball because it’s just another way to reinforce my arguments and opinions. Ben Bernanke’s article on the Nationals wasn’t anything new but it validated on how all baseball teams should think and run an organization. I considered myself a baseball hipster and I’m fine with that label.

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