Expanding the Freedom

The act of whether to censor some Internet sites and issues has been a contentious topic for many years and is still picking up some steam. Frankly, in this day and age things get blown out of proportion more than ever– with the Internet manufacturing so many pretenses.

In this particular issue, Google decided to overpower YouTube in deciding to removing the video “Innocence of Muslims,” and actually provoked the situation and made it worse than it orginally. The video was said “not to go anywhere beyond the guidelines,” and was perfectly fine until Google stepped in. What makes America great, is the freedom and accessibility of all things on the Internet and has propelled us forward because of it. 

There’s a line that is drawn between what should be penciled in as freedom and what is considered hate speech. Hate speech isn’t protected, as the article points out. Also, the government should have the blame somewhat attributed to them as with any issue the government is usually to blame. 

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