Life Goes On

The Penn State scandal as portrayed by the media was exacerbated but I however, have a completely different opinion. This isn’t SMU, they will recover. It will just take some time. Yeah, if you’re in your 80’s you might not see anything pleasant from Penn State football until you hit the grave. But let’s not talk about the past, I’ve heard enough. Like this outdated, unnecessary article.
I get it. You trying to unleash fury on what Penn State. It was bad. It was cringe-worthy to even watch. But, the time has passed for you to keep talking about it. If you live in the past, you die in the pass- well except for Joe Paterno who lived in the present.  We don’t care about the case, no one does. We want to know about how Penn State football team is doing, not this crap.

Penn State is screwed, that’s blatant. But some writers do get it, shockingly. Every game they play is a win, every day they practice because that’s one more day past the scandal. There’s a book that just came out about Paterno and probably other stuff will too, but we have had enough time to talk about so just shut it and move on.



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